Did you have a protein skimmer to start with?

  • Just want to say this before you keep reading, SOME tanks do not specifically need a protein skimmer to start with (or really ever), but a majority DO need it depending on the setup and other equipment. For all of us out there, did you have a protein skimmer to start with or did you get one right away before adding anything else in?

  • It may sound bad, but I’ve ironically always just purchased them used or tend to use a surface skimmer to get rid of the excess surface foam from any protein that was in the tank. I’ve found them highly useful, but I guess that I haven’t really had a tank that didn’t fully require it (and had the bad assumption that it just was a common piece of equipment that was needed).

  • I’ve seen these for freshwater tanks too, is it really needed to have or is it just for saltwater because you have to make waves which make the foam?

    It’s really used to get rid of protein since it does foam up, and way more on saltwater than freshwater (freshwater only really gets a protein build up if the water is too still or if there are foods being fed that are leaching a lot of protein into the water).

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