Friend’s African Dwarf Frog missing web front hand?

  • I repeat, NOT my tank - but I looked online everywhere and can’t seem to find any solid answers. My friends Africans dwarf frog is missing the webbed aspect of its front right hand, and I’m not sure if this is from genetics, or if it’s the start of the common red leg/arm infection I keep seeing, or if it got possibly bit off (but not the hand itself or fingers)?

  • Can you ask your friend is the frog was always like this, or if after they added it to their tank, it lost it's webbed aspect on it's hand? If anything I'd watch for signs of the infection that you noted, since it's very very common and can lead to a loss of an arm/leg (and then be fatal). I'd also ask if they have any fish in the tank, or other decorations that might have caused for it to loose it over time (such as that SpongeBob Krusty Krab decoration in the photo if the individual webbed hands were caught in multiple times and ripped).

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