Do you prefer tannins in your water or for it to be crystal clear?

  • Do you like the look of tannins? 5

    1. Yes (4) 80%
    2. No (1) 20%
    3. Indecisive (0) 0%

    For those of you who have either almond leaves, or driftwood in your tanks - do you guys like the way that the color changes from crystal clear to more of a dark yellow tea (tannins)? If you do or don’t, what is your reasoning behind your answer since from just talking with others it appears to be an almost 50-50 split on the choice.

    I personally love the color of tannins, plus it makes some fish really become more active since that is what they are used to (such as some tetras and maybe cichlids).

  • I say yes since it honestly it adds beneficial things to most fish, makes them feel super secure, and the color doesn’t even look bad unless people assume if the water isn’t crystal clear it’s a horrible thing.

  • From my research so far on tannins, all my findings have been in support of it being that it's even more healthy for the fishes, so it's what helps me with my decision making in having my fish water be that way.

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