How much should my freshwater fish be fed?

  • Most fish can survive on one feeding per day, which implies they need 16 to 24 hours to digest their meal completely. Some people prefer to feed their fish lightly twice a day. Warmer water aids digestion in fish.
    How much should I Feed my freshwater fish?

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  • I'd say that it really depends on your species of fish. Maybe times feeding once every other day works best (since fish in the wild don't get fed every single day), but the only exception to this rule would be fish that don't have a stomach (ex; Goldfish), or if you have higher temperatures in the water than ideal (ex; >80F degrees would probably be best to feed a smaller amount each day since their metabolism is increased).

  • It really varies on the fish and the kind of fish you have. I would feed them and see how they react after being fed. Some fish only need feeding maybe once a day and others maybe only once every few days. If you keep an eye on your fish, you will be able to tell when it may be time to feed them and get into a routine of feeding them at that time.

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