• There are so many common mistakes in aquariums. I would like to name some of the common ones: 1. Inappropriate fish selection 2. Poor tank maintenance 3. Overfeeding the fishes. One of the most common mistakes that I see from people is that they put the fish species that are not compatible with each other in a single tank. Like putting large fishes together with their small counterparts or putting fishes that are small individuals together with their larger counterparts. You must be aware of the fact that all fishes have their own territories and they swim, hunt, and interact with each other therefore it's always better to have fishes of the same size and swimming habits in a single tank.

  • You nailed it with #1 - tanks far too small for the given fish that they want/have in the tank currently. My #2 would be lack of knowledge and just listening to these store employees sadly

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  • It is quite surprising how many mistakes you can make even in the beginning when you start setting up or even having fish. Things such as too small of a tank, not ensuring the water is how it's needed to be, and adding too much to the tank are also other things I can think of that are common mistakes as well.

    Over feeding is also another common mistake that many tend to fall into.

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