Are feeling insecurity that your fishes may fell ill?

  • The first question to ask is if the fish are eating. If they are, run to the pet store for help. If not, the fish could be dead and in the process of decomposition. If the fish are not dead, your tank may be too overcrowded. The ammonia and nitrates from the fish's waste need to be broken down by bacteria. If there is too much fish waste, the bacteria will get overwhelmed, and your fish will get sick.

  • Fish get sick very easily due to poor water quality, over-feeding, and general bad genetics. This is why it is best to buy fish from breeders who know what they are doing over standard pet shops that import their fish from God only knows where or from who.

  • I got a fish tank to keep me relaxed and to calm my mind. This question is hilarious to me. It might be stressful for professional fish breeders since they are making a living from it. But I would advise others to chill and enjoy having a fish tank, don't get stressed over it. Ask for professional help and enjoy the aquarium.

  • It's really hard to not get attached to our fishes, it's really fun the first time but once they get infected, we'll become relentless and insanely obsessed.

  • It's nice to see that you care about your fishes this much. Would advise you to seek some professional help if this your first time maintaining your aquarium. Have fishes that are easy to maintain such as guppies, zebra fish, goldfish, mollies and sucker fish and enjoy the process. Maintaining your own aquarium is a very healthy and meaningful hobby.

  • I do have guppies in my fish tank but there is a slight anxiety that our fish might fall ill. I might get over it eventually, but now the fishes are all I worry about.

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