What is the sourcing from which I can buy freshwater tropical fish online?

  • Tropical freshwater fish are available online, you can buy them in bulk to reduce the cost. If you want to buy them online, then you should check the online stores which are offering a wide range of freshwater fish at affordable prices, you can check Amazon.com, they are offering a huge variety of freshwater fish atan attractive price.

  • I have in the past myself looked at buying fish online and I was always quite happy with the prices but it was always the delivery that put me off purchasing them. The price of the fish is really good but the shipping is what really bulks it up unless you spend a certain amount. If I am only wanting a few fish and I don't want to spend the amount they ask for so I get free delivery it would still cost me quite a lot anyway just to get them delivered. Due to that I have always stayed buying them locally and getting them myself.

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