Water temperature and PH is too high

  • Please I'm in a serious situation right now with my tank as I noticed that my water pH is very high at 13. I know that it's not good for the health of my fish and also the temperature is quite high as well at 36 degrees.

    How can I get these fixed as soon as possible?

  • Do you know specifically what fish species you have and your specific substrate? Have you tested the water source that you are adding into the tank and see if it's that high? If so, you may want to look up RO water in your local area, and try to add in things like driftwood to lower the pH overall for the tank.

    As far as temperature, it sounds like you may need either a heater (if 36 degrees is noted to be Celsius) or a chiller (if 36 degrees is noted to be Fahrenheit).

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