What are your feelings on GloFish?

  • It seems that I always read online that people think that the GloFish are injected with dyes and not genetically bred - but people also get mad that they are playing with genes and think it’s extremely harmful for the fish.

    With the new lines of fish species being included and sold under GloFish, what are your thoughts on this?

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  • I personally think they are pretty cool, but for the cost ($8.99/fish) that has a sibling that I can get for way cheaper, it's kinda hard to justify. I'd be curious on if you can breed them and if the glowing color is dominant enough or not to always be passed down during breeding.

  • I agree, I think that they are pretty cool looking and when done right, can really make a tank look super cool. The only downfall is that many of the GloFish tanks that are sold as a kit tends to be WAY smaller than what is required for the fish that are being sold.

  • I think that they add a really cool, unique, vibrant coloration to commonly kept fish in the hobby. I love the way they glow under a blue light, and how many colors are offered. The only downside is the fact that they cost like 4 times as much as their normal non-glowing species.

  • I too agree that they are awesome to look at. Not sure on costs but definitely would buy them if I had a bigger setup.

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