Breeding Tanks/Fry Containers

  • If you are a fish breeder (or accidentally breeder from those species that reproduce like crazy), what do you do to make sure that the fry and parents don’t get attacked or eaten by other fish (and for some species protecting the fry from the parents themselves)? Do you use a breeder box, another tank, and how do you make sure you don’t shock the fry from moving them from one tank water to another?

  • I have fancy guppies that breed like crazy. I never bothered with containers. I use smooth pebble stones on the bottom of the tank and each birth, 3 to 5 manage to survive just fine. If you want more to survive without using a box or anything, you can use glass marbles or "carpet" on the bottom of the tank. They are net-like plastic plant squares the fry can hide in.

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