Purchased a used tank and had a white haze to it

  • So I normally don’t purchase used tanks due to always needing to either reseal them, or the trim being damaged, or heavy scratches on the glass - but, I couldn’t pass up this cheap tank. The only problem I have is that it has a white haze on the glass all around (which somewhat fully disappears when it’s filled with water).

    I’m not too sure if this was used as a freshwater tank, brackish, saltwater, or some aquatic reptile tank due to how this haze is. Anyone have an idea to clean it off? I’ve tried taking a razor blade to it and it comes off (but in super small lines/sections), and I’m not trying to put marks in the glass either.

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    Dependent on what that area that you picked the tank up from, it could be hard water stains (mostly an obvious sign of it disappears when it’s wet or filled with water but appears as it drys out).

    To get rid of those, I’d just recommend using vinegar and a rough rag (some people even highly recommend using those magic erasers). I would personally avoid using any harsh chemicals since it tends to be harder to get those out of the aquarium when it dries or washing them out since some may slightly soak into the silicone.

    I’ve had some in WAY worse shape due to the hard water where I live, but after an hour of rubbing it all out it should come off with ease.