Any ideas on ways to dim a light?

  • I have a built-in LED light on the hood of my small tank and it is pretty bright. I think it can be bothersome for the shrimp as they hardly come out until it is off.

    Is there some way I can safely dim it a bit? I thought of using some sort of water-proof paint or something.

  • I think if you don’t want to get a new light fixture or change the specific bulbs out, you can always use something rated for the temperatures your light outputs that have a cloudy-like effect (similar to what doctor offices use on their lights on the ceiling).

    Otherwise, you can try to dim the light before it hits the tank surface by applying a cloudy film over the glass lids (something similar to a thin wrap they on Amazon) to make it dimmer.

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  • The light itself is a small plastic strip that snaps onto the underside of the lid.

    I had originally used part of a bandaid which worked for a while but the moisture made it become loose. Do they sell film that will stick better to something like this?

  • What kind of cloudy film though?

  • There are light tints you can use (similar to what they use for a flashlight), just make sure that whatever light fixture you have the film can stand up to it. I’d even say a plastic wrap for cooking but if you have any heat outside of LEDs, then it would melt pretty fast.

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