Critique My Fluval 32.5 Stocking List

  • Hey all, after binging fish videos and researching, I came up with this list.

    Reasoning behind list:
    1. Keep cherry barbs bc they look cool, are hardy and cheap (4 males to 5 females or 3 m to 6f?)
    2. Blue endler vs danio for blue color pop and top level ish activity
    3. Cory plus amano cleanup. Any fish MUST be amano safe
    4 Ram is not necessary but would be nice for cool factor
    5.Chill honey gourami for top level

    1. Cherry barb aggression and sex ratio
    2. Danio or endler stressing gourami
    3. Bolivian ram amano safe

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  • Good list, I'd probably do 3M 6F for the cherry barbs (the males really stun with their coloration). If you aren’t worried about breeding, I’d even suggest your original 4M 5F or split more makes than females due to their lovely coloration.

    As far as endler vs. gourami, if you want a tank full of colors I’d go endler and ditch the gourami. Otherwise keep danios and watch out for any aggression of gourami against rams (and more importantly the shrimp - gourami have such a difference in aggression levels for each fish so I’d watch it closely for a few days to make sure everything is good).

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  • +1 on Gilbert. I’d watch the gourami, and probably drop the gourami for rams in a heartbeat since they are more colorful and tend to be more peaceful with everything else listed.

    Danios would stay near the top and probably a nice dither fish aspect for the barbs and rams, where endlers tend to go all over overall.

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