Getting timid fish more social?

  • What is your go to method in order to get timid fish more social and active in the tank? I know the most common method is the use of dither fish, but do you have any special aspects that you use or create to make them feel more secure in their tank?

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  • If you don't want to add any other fish to act as dither fish in a tank, I'd try to replicate the features that the given species has in the wild inside of the tank (a lot of time this just means more rocks/hiding spots, adding in spots that can be completely dark/covered if the fish want to hide in there to feel safe), while also making sure to keep lights not too bright dependent on if they are well adjusted to them or not (of course, if you have corals or a reef setup this might be different as you can have bright lights with rocks blocking light out in spots).

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