How long has it taken for your driftwood to sink?

  • If you have ever purchased driftwood from a store that isn’t in water, you'll notice it always tends to float. How long did it take for your piece of driftwood to sink (and did you boil it, or weigh/tie it down to help)?

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  • I myself have not used driftwood for my tanks in the past but I do have friends that have used driftwood in their tanks. They bought the driftwood from the store that was not in water, and it varied on how long it would float for before it did sink like it should do. I remember one friend that purchased driftwood that had not been kept in water and he told me it only took a couple of weeks for it to sink but then another friend was waiting just over a month for their driftwood to sink that they purchased. It really does seem to be a variation for each person.

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