Filter outlet options make any difference?

  • This is a rather odd subject, but I've been wondering if the outlets on the canister filters make much of a difference in the tank.

    I'm just curious as to what everyone's opinions and preferences are regarding the different outlet options. Is there any reason to choose one of the other? What are the pros and cons of each setup and does it make that big of a difference overall?

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  • I believe the filter outlet makes a pretty big difference, not just in terms of the water flow, but also in creating/eliminating dead spots within any aquarium tank shape. For example, the most common two outlet shapes that come with canister filters (and sometimes even come with internal filters or hang-on-the-back filters) are;

    1. Spray bar - which is normally a long bar that has holes in the bar
    2. Jet nozzle - this is the smaller outlet option that appears to be a wide nozzle.

    A spray bar is ideal for more sensitive or slow-moving fish since it can move the fast flow through the whole tank in a line (or at the surface if you have it placed that way). Otherwise, using the jet nozzle tends to provide a faster flow that you can directly point to prevent any dead spots or create a fast flow for plants, or around decorations.

    I tend to use the spray bar as the go-to on all my tanks (except for the turtle tank, which requires flow), although if I'm trying to remove a dead spot, I will use a jet nozzle on an internal filter.

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