Transferring clams into my tank

  • Are there any special requirements when transferring clams from one tank to another?

    Are there specifically any helpful tips along these questions;

    1. Is there any special aspects when holding these outside of water for a few seconds?
    2. Should I clean the shell to make it look fresh or let it be?
    3. Easiest way to remove the clam from a rock or area that it’s been at for awhile?
  • I think the best way to answer those is the following;

    1) Make sure that the clam tends to spend as little time as possible in the air, and you place it relatively similar to how it was in the prior tank/setup.

    2) I never have but I don’t see how a soft brushed toothbrush would do any damage (personally).

    3) Slowly and gently wiggle/pull the clam, do not use force or grab it with crushing like grip/force.

    Good luck!

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