How often do you have to do maintenance on your skimmer?

  • Since it really depends on what brand you have, and how old your skimmer is, do you find any maintenance that you have to do to keep it running efficiently?

    Do you have any issues finding parts, replacing specific things, or getting ahold of manuals to even find out how to take things apart if you aren’t the original owner?

  • Hey darrie53,

    Maintenance on protein skimmers can vary depending on the brand and age of the skimmer. In my experience, regular maintenance is necessary to keep it running efficiently.

    For starters, cleaning the skimmer cup is something that needs to be done on a regular basis. As the skimmer pulls out organic waste from the water, it accumulates in the cup. If not cleaned regularly, it can lead to reduced skimming efficiency and potentially even overflow. I usually clean the cup every week or two, depending on the amount of waste produced in my aquarium.

    Apart from the cup, other parts of the skimmer may also require maintenance. This can include cleaning the pump, impeller, and air intake. These parts can get clogged with debris, affecting the performance of the skimmer. A thorough cleaning of these components is usually needed every few months to ensure optimal functioning.

    Now, when it comes to finding replacement parts or manuals for older skimmers or those purchased second-hand, it can sometimes be a challenge. Depending on the brand and availability, you may have to dig around a bit or contact the manufacturer directly. Some brands have readily available spare parts, while others require some effort to locate. In my experience, reaching out to online communities or forums dedicated to aquariums can be helpful in finding the information or resources needed.

    Overall, while regular maintenance is necessary to keep the skimmer running efficiently, it's important to choose a brand that offers good support and readily available replacement parts. Being proactive and staying on top of maintenance can help prevent any major issues and ensure your skimmer functions optimally.

    Hope this helps!

    • GranDiez

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