Aqueon 40 Gallon Breeder Turtle Tank

  • With this being my first attempt at having an aquatic turtle (or really, just a turtle at all) I figured that I would let you all into my journey from setting up the tank, to getting things going, to hopefully seeing this upgrade into a bigger tank that just 40 gallons (since they need about 10 gallons per inch of shell, and this species gets to be around 8-12 inches resulting in a 120+ gallon tank when full grown).

    Detailed Information

    Tank: Aqueon 40 Gallon Breeder
    Stand: Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal 40 Gallon Stand
    Filter: Polar Aurora 265GPH Canister Filter (SunSun HW-30X Rebrand), Eheim Skim 350
    Lighting: NICREW Submersible LED Aquarium Strip (2x), ZooMed Aquatic Turtle Dual Dome Lighting (Combo UVB/UVA Bulb & Heating Bulb) - Supported by Exo Terra Light Bracket w/ Additional Adhesive Support Bracket

    Substrate: Generic Black Sand
    Flora: Anacharis (?x), Hornwort (?x)
    Fauna: African Sideneck Turtle (1x), Pearl Danio (6x), Chinese Algae Eater (1x), Malaysian Trumpet Snails (?x)


  • I LOVE that DIY basking area made from driftwood - do you by chance know if the specific type of screws that you used? Also how difficult was it in order to make the pieces stay together, and do they sway back and forth at all?

    I can’t wait to see more photos of either any upgrades or changes you make!

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  • Hey Gilbert,

    Yes! I added a new photo to the gallery album on which specific type of screws that I used. I only went with those that are stainless, and designed for a deck (wood specific), plus these have a lifetime warranty so nothing can really go wrong there in my eyes.

    The platform does sway if you put your hand and try to move it on the top, but it’s nothing major. I’m sure once I move tanks (when this turtle is way bigger) and add more driftwood pieces, this will eliminate it (since it sways since it only has 2 support pieces that are somewhat in the middle but kinda not weight wise).

    It wasn’t too hard in order to screw then together, when the wood got wet I did have to tighten it more since it got loss as the wood expanded outward - but everything was overall easy to make. Just make sure if you do try to copy this, that you use wood that is already waterlogged or pretty heavy otherwise this may try to float (as some types of driftwood does).

    I also added in a photo of how I did the submersible lights (since they aren’t under water at all - but hidden if you view it from the front or sides somewhat). Let me know if you want to see anything else specific and I’ll take a photo!

  • Looks cool! How much did you say that you spent on the tank and all of the equipment? Do you have a plan once the turtle gets bigger on a new setup?

    In total, I probably spent about $370 for everything that you see. I never really thought about pricing everything out since I mostly bought it all on sale from various different stores (including some local only stores for items that most big chains do not carry). I can always do this, but I don't think you can look to buy all of this at once (it took me a good month overall for everything to line up price wise where it made sense for me to do it).

    Once the turtle gets bigger, it will honestly probably move into it's final home of a 150/200 gallon tank (and not the tall models but the wider ones). I'll obviously have to redo the basking platform (will end up adding more driftwood to it to make it more stable and taller/wider), and will more than likely add in another turtle just to keep the one company. Ideally, this won't happen for another 3-4 years, at which point this tank will probably become just a standard one (or possibly a saltwater tank).