Good heater brands?

  • Heaters tend to break when they are turned on/off too much, or if there isn’t enough flow around them which results in them heating the water too much around their area.

    Some good brands include (in my opinion);

    Aqueon, Ehemin, Jagex, Fluval.

    Some brands that are iffy for a ton of reasons include Marineland and Tetra

  • I normally stick with Aqueon, Eheim, or Jager since they tend to have better reliability than other brands. I specifically stay away from unknown brands (where I’d love to buy a filter from a random brand name), and tend to avoid Marineland since they seem to always malfunction extremely early which is very annoying (and can shock/overheat the tank dependent on what goes out).

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  • I tend to not look so much at the brand, but ALWAYS purchase ones that are adjustable since the preset heaters are legit trash and always are set either a tad too low or a tad too high.