Fake coral vs real coral

  • I’ve seen plenty of people and places use fake coral since it’s by far less demanding, allows for the fish and appearance from afar to look like real coral, and let’s places/people just focus on the fish vs. have to deal with coral and the fish.

  • I’ve mostly seen fake coral that isn’t so obvious it’s fake, in a ton of tanks that either don’t have the require lighting or they don’t seem to have the huge requirement for feeding them nicely/easily in public places.

    I wouldn’t worry that fake coral is cheap, but if you want to focus on other things I don’t think having real coral is a must like many think.

  • I don't think I have ever seen a home tank with real coral in it thus far. Not that it doesn't happen, of course, just something I have not yet seen.

  • I personally would use the fake coral, as I don't want to be tending the tank frequently to keep that alive, as well as keeping the fish healthy and fed well. If I had the opportunity that would allow me to have real coral, I'd probably start out small, and branch out as I am able to.

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