Fixing or repairing chips in glass tank

  • I’m not sure how common this is for other people, but how often have you randomly checked your tank and noticed these odd chips missing from the glass? Not so much that it is cracked, but a chip like it was damaged by decoration or something else random?

    How do you end up dealing with them or getting them fixed - or do you not get them fixed since you can’t see them when the tank is filled with water?

  • I'd always just ended up replacing the full glass panel for many reasons.

    Depending on whether it's a chip or crack, you could technically repair chips although there is always the worry that if there was any other damage near/on the fixed chip, it would break/spread easier than now.

    I believe you can fill a chip with the water within there, although if it's cracked (even tiny), you need to replace it completely.

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