Feeding with a protein skimmer running

  • Do you regularly feed your tank with the protein skimmer running? Or do you tend to place it in a mode where it shuts off or runs slower than normal to allow for the food to get into the tank and its fish? If you don’t have such a mode, do you instead manually turn it off to make sure that the food doesn’t go to full waste by being sucked into a filter instead?

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  • I would either have the protein skimmer away from where you are feeding (opposite side of the tank for example), and also make sure to push the food within the water vs. leaving it floating on the top where it may be skimmed up accidentally.

    I've never turned mine off, but I have bigger tanks where the fish all head to where the food is on the other side. If you have a smaller tank, I'd probably recommend more than likely turn it off when feeding to make sure that your food doesn't just end up getting in the filter vs. feeding those fish.

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