Do you adjust the water temperature for a seasonal affect?

  • Just as in freshwater tanks and ecosystems, there is a seasonal change that will lower and raise the water temperature to signal breeding season, or it may be time to “bulk up” and eat more food during winter to survive. This can be core to some of the species and they do need this change that occurs in order to have their bodies naturally adjust, and go through this change.

    Do you have your chiller set to cool the tank down to specific temperature ranges to reflect the seasons that occur in nature, and in their wild environment? Or do you tend to just keep it within a range at all times (ex; between 1-3 degrees)?

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  • I do, since without the temperature difference you may not see your fish adjust or change their colors, try to breed, etc. I’ve even heard and read a few studies that I will need to link in here, that have shown keeping the tank at the same temperature can actually reduce their lifespan and immunity since they get too adjusted to that temperature over time that any variation can throw their body into “wack”.

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