How frequently do you do water changes?

  • How much water are you changing for routine changes? And how often? Some say 10% per week, some say 25% per week. Some even say every 2 weeks is good. I’ve been doing 10% weekly (or sometimes bi-weekly) but curious on what others are doing. ?

  • Honestly, very rarely. I maybe do a 10-20% change once a month dependent on what is going on in that tank.

    For saltwater related setups I tend to do them more often like weekly or bi-weekly dependent on the tank size and what’s in there.

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  • I also only don't do very regularly, I don't have a big tank and the water is very clean. Maybe once a month I do 20% change of water.

    I found cleaning the entire tank caused some fish to die. I also have a few shrimp that clean the tank.

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