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    From what I understand there are quite a few different corals that are great for beginners for a saltwater tank, it would really depend on your preference and what you would like to see in your tank.

    The ones I can remember are the following

    Bubble Coral
    Candy Cane

    I know there are more though so may be good to do some research as well :)

    I have a few friends myself that use fake driftwood and they have been really happy with the quality due to it being fake.

    Much like the above post, my friends also add plants to the area as well so it appears less fake and more real.

    When it comes to the type of light that you want for your tank it is depending on the kind of look you are wanting, some prefer warmer lights and others prefer them to be brighter or even whiter.

    I would say go with what you prefer so that you are happy.

    I myself never used to have a light that dimmed but I do have friends that have lights in their tanks and they are dimmable.

    They seem to be better for the fish due to it being less of a shock with a bright light turning on or off which is why I feel many people tend to have dimmable lights.

    When I had fish, I always used to use Aquarian which seems to be one of the top brands here in the UK at the moment.

    I never seemed to have any issues using that brand of fish food at it always seemed to go down well as well.

    This is something I feel many people are not aware of when they get a fish.

    Fishes such as goldfish are often either bought for kids as a pet or are won at fairs and carnivals and a lot of the time, they don't always last too long because many are either over fed or underfed.

    I believe that is one of the common mistakes made by many when it comes to fish.

    How do you all manage to hide the spray bar from your canister filter, so that it isn’t obnoxiously visible when you view your tank? Is there anything you try to hide it under or integrate with another decoration or piece of equipment?

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    I do know that some people tend to place something that is black at the back of the tank such as a black background so that it blends into the background and is a lot more difficult to see making it less of an eye-sore.

    It doesn't make it completely invisible but it does make it look a lot better.

    It is quite surprising how many mistakes you can make even in the beginning when you start setting up or even having fish. Things such as too small of a tank, not ensuring the water is how it's needed to be, and adding too much to the tank are also other things I can think of that are common mistakes as well.

    Over feeding is also another common mistake that many tend to fall into.

    Hey there!

    I saw that JustAFishServant was asking what to do with snail eggs. Well, let me tell you, crushing them is not the way to go!

    Snail eggs are actually pretty cool - they hatch after about 2-4 weeks and you'll have a bunch of tiny snails wriggling around. But if you don't want more snails, you can remove the eggs and freeze them for a day or two to kill the embryos before disposing of them.

    Personally, I like to leave the eggs alone and watch the little snails hatch. It's like my own little nature documentary!

    Hope that helps!

    This is very true. Crushing them is never the best idea at all and I would not advise that. As stated, if you do not want them, freeze them and they will die or if you don't mind them, leave them and they will hatch.

    It is quite interesting to see them when they hatch as well but that is only if you want the snails.

    This is very true and can not be stressed enough I do not feel.

    It's not always easy to tell if a fish is unwell and may have some kind of disease which runs the risk of any other fish in the tank also catching the disease and falling ill as well.

    If you do notice any of your fish are unwell ensure you remove them from the tank and quarantine them as soon as you can so that it does not spread.

    From what I understand, one of the most common and popular types of algae that you can get in saltwater tanks but it can also appear in freshwater tanks as well as beard algae.

    Beard algae usually look red and can be difficult to get rid of and a pain when it starts as it tends to grow fast.

    I would recommend cleaning your tank out routinely so that you avoid a big build-up of beard algae.

    I always remember I used to be so worried about algae in my tank and then I found out from the owner of my local pet store that algae isn't a bad thing in the tank as the fishes feed off it but if it is on the glass, it is wise to clear it off the glass.

    Sticking to a routine where you clean your tank can help a lot in the build-up of algae on the glass and in the tank.

    Anything between 70 and 80 degrees would be beneficial to the plants but it would be wise to keep an eye on the plants and also an eye on the temperature that you are using as well as most plants tend to thrive off the heat and that can often lead to the plants growing a lot faster and potentially taking over your tank.

    Lucky bamboo has been known to help a freshwater aquarium and also improve the conditions of the aquarium overall.

    There has been a lot of talk about lucky bamboo saying that it tends to rot or even be poisonous to the tank but this is not true and it is in fact the complete opposite and something that would be very beneficial to your tank.