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    It is always awful when you end up with sick fish and in some cases, no matter what you do, you never seem to be able to prevent it which can be frustrating as well.

    Ensuring that you keep your fish clean and stick to a routine of when you clean will help to prevent your fish from getting sick.

    Not overfeeding your fish and also not under feeding will also prevent them from getting sick as well.

    White spots on your fish are definitely ich and it is something that can happen without you even doing anything to cause it.

    Did you manage to get rid of the white spots? It's always difficult to find a way that works so that you don't reinfect other fish in the tank but there are always ways that it can be achieved.

    Ich would have to be one disease I find many always run into when it comes to keeping freshwater fish. Friends as well that I have who own freshwater fish have nearly always complained of their fish getting ich more so than any other disease I have heard them mention.

    This is something I always wondered about as you always see many other animals going to the vet but you never see fish going to the vet.

    Most of the time I find that unless your local pet store can help you with issues that you may have with your fish then the next step would be the internet. I myself have found a lot of good information on the internet when it's come to my fish's health.

    I am so sorry to hear that you have lost guppies to Dropsy. It is something that can not really be helped or prevented and it can happen to anyone.

    Most of what has been explained above will help a lot in trying to prevent it to som extent but it is probably not something you have done at all.

    If you have just recently treated one of your fish for ich I would definitely advise cleaning your sand once a week at least for the moment. If you are able to do it once weekly going forward that would probably be a better option as well.

    Something I learned the hard way was that even though freshwater fish would eat any food they were given, it wouldn't always be the best for them and in some cases, could make them unwell or lack what they needed.

    It is best if you can to feed foods that you know all freshwater fish types will eat that contains what they need, that is at least, what I was advised.

    Whenever I had my fish, I would always go for the fish food that my local pet store would have and I feel that was more than enough for my fish and they seemed to eat it.

    If you are looking for food that doesn't have a lot of stuff in it that may not be the best for your fish, making your own is always an option if you can do that.

    I had a friend who used to make their own food because they felt it was better and cheaper than buying the fish food that is already pre-made for them.

    She always used to use any leftover food that she had and make that into food for her fish and she could make a lot for her fish that would cost her a lot less than it used to buy it.

    It would depend on two things I believe when you use a red light near a fish tank. How close do you have it to the tank and how big the light is?

    I have read that it doesn't affect freshwater fish and neither does it affect saltwater fish but it can make them more aware of a red light and they would be able to detect a red light more easily.

    I always personally preferred to get them online as I knew that getting them online would be reliable and also safe as well as me getting them from a reliable store online.

    I do know people that tend to get certain things from their local area but this is not something I have done.

    I was brought up with freshwater fish tanks as a kid and I always saw my parents taking care of the tanks and such so I learned a lot from that and it was easier for me to go with something I already knew something about rather than having to learn from scratch when it comes to salt water.

    Whenever I had a fish tank I would always use gravel and also plants as well as decoration to make the tank seem much more natural for the fish. This always seemed to work for the fish I had which were usually goldfish.

    My question would be do fish really have a very short attention span. I often wonder whether that is the case as they are always in the same tank and seeing the same things and just swimming around and it could seem quite boring to someone like us but if they have a very short attention span, it probably does not bother them.

    Never use hot glue in a fish tank as it can dissolve and then cause issues in the tank. As mentioned, the silicone would be the better option for what you are wanting to do and less of a chance that you will cause issues in your tank that could be harmful to your fish.

    Most people are under the impression until they ask someone about it that starting off with a small tank would benefit them better but it's actually the opposite.

    Most will recommend you get a large tank and start large but obviously only go as large as you feel you can manage.

    I remember with my mum, we used to have small fish tanks but the more fish we ended up getting the more tanks we got until we got a huge standing one. That was when my mum realized she had a problem with getting too many fish.

    The big tank ended up cracking and that was when my mum gave up with keeping fish as we lost most of the fish when that happened.