Opinions on best fish food?

  • I wondered what everyone’s favorite fish food is, and why you use it. Did you try others or did you just go with what you read was good, or that came with your tank when you bought it?

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  • I tend to just go with those that don’t have fillers for the first few ingredients - but I’ve given my fish mixed brands (and those free samples you get from some tank kits or randomly when you buy combo products).

    I try to feed mostly Omega One, and Fluval. When nothing else is in stock I’ll buy Aqueon as a decent backup option.

  • Whenever I had my fish, I would always go for the fish food that my local pet store would have and I feel that was more than enough for my fish and they seemed to eat it.

    If you are looking for food that doesn't have a lot of stuff in it that may not be the best for your fish, making your own is always an option if you can do that.

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