Tapatalk doesn't work correctly - shows error codes on unread topics, can't read any read topics/posts

  • It looks like when I try to use Tapatalk on this forum, I can see all of the forums, all of the users, and even topic names with the short description on what the post does contain. However, when I try to view an unread post it will load up an internal error code that says I should give to you guys in order to check your logs to trace what happened. Sadly, if I mark the topic as read and then try to open it, all I can see is "Sorry, no content available" - but when I open up a web browser, it works correctly and as expected.

    I'm not sure if it's just the way my Tapatalk account got setup, or if there is something else going on (or any other users are seeing this but can't create a thread to report the errors)?

  • I read and errors and found out that it is currently a problem with the newest version of the software we are using (specifically due to the fact that Tapatalk only supports Likes whereas this supports unlimited types of Like related reactions).

    I’m awaiting for them to reply back to my support ticket regarding any timeline on when the newer version of the plugin will be released that will have this fixed in - but until then I may try to do a manual edit that someone mentioned to disable Tapatalk’s Likes and allow for everything else to run correctly (and for users to be able to read and reply to topics/posts).

    I’ll keep you updated once the manual changes are done, or if they reply back to my support ticket on a new ETA for this to be fully resolved. Thanks!

  • So it looks like now that I can at least view and reply to threads that are unread or read, but it seems like Avery noted that when they have any type of reaction to them in any post it will error out.

    Not sure what you changed, but seems better on my side. Maybe give it another shot jxvtypbt and see if things have improved slightly on your end?

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  • Interesting, I didn’t really change much to the code but I believe a cache and other updates possibly fixed the problem with the content not displaying inside of Tapatalk.

    Once I make the code change it will disable the “Like/Thanks” options on Tapatalk, which will be able to render posts with them shown since it will ignore those fields completely.

  • I’ve made the required changes to the files to disable the react functions (and prevent them from showing up) in Tapatalk. Cleared the system cache (and maybe your device’s cache) should resolve this so that they are now visible and can be read/replied to in the meantime

    Please let me know if you run into any other issues! If the device cache doesn’t work, try to reinstall Tapatalk since it needs to clear out previous saved data for the threads so that they fully reload vs. using system cache.

  • Looks like I’m still having issues viewing any posts or threads that contain any type of reactions (when I view on my web browser I can see them). It keeps throwing the same type of error page that is noted as this thread. Everything else seems to work now however, so it appears almost fully fixed. Thanks!

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  • Sadly, no news yet. The issue isn’t having to do with the app itself, but more of the extension on the forum side (it’s just not up to date as it should be from their end). I’ve created a few different support tickets, but they keep saying that they are looking into it and are planning on having a resolution pushed out shortly.

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