Anyone having issues getting aquatic supplies now?

  • With everything that seems to be going on in the world (from the COVID-19 situation, to the protests, to even big companies having to lay off their workers or reduce their workforce due to the social distancing requirements/guidelines), are you worried about getting some of the aquarium related supplies now? I've checked some stores, and they appear to have a limited stock (or really, sold out of specific types of products) and although there is Amazon, it seems like for non-essential items they have increased the time it takes to ship them out of the door.

  • All of my stores have been stocked since the start of this, although trying to get packages delivered on time from like Amazon or other places was either a few days late to over a week.

  • Current sceenarios is tha a lot of pet stores are not open. And some of them are also low on the supplies too. In fact some are like harder to get the internaitonal delivery so they tend to not get much pet food which is imported. But yeah we are moving closer to the december and things will go normal slowly if not completley normal.

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