Have you ever ran into a disease that wiped out all your fish?

  • Sadly I’ve ran into a few diseases that have done this, seemingly out of nowhere too. How did you handle it and what did you do to prevent it from killing anything else you added into the tank? I for one bleached the HECK outta my tanks that had this and then kept rinsing them out with vinegar and water.

  • I believe that the fish major thing that wiped out one of my tanks when I was starting with either Ich or it possibly was something else in the form of a parasite.

    As far as cleaning, I used a ton of vinegar, magic erasers, and water to clean it fully out. Then I setup new filter media, and let the tank run through a cycle for a month and half.

    By then anything that was there is surely dead without any hosts available.

  • Yes. I remember back in 2019 I bought two goldfish for my kids as they had been asking about having goldfish again as we had them previously when they were a lot younger. I remember getting them and within a few weeks they had passed, and I never worked out what caused it. I did everything I should have done to ensure the water and the tank were as they should be for the fish, and we still lost them. We fully cleaned out the tank to prevent any further issues if they had died from a disease and then bought more and did everything by the book again but after a few weeks they died again. I truly believe it was a disease but to this day I still don't know what killed them.

  • Once a friend of mine told me that some of his fishes were infected with velvet disease and it killed almost every fish, thankfully he was able to identify it sooner and save some of his fishes.

  • It's a very painful experience for anyone. Luckily, i didn't had to face that situation. I regularly see my aquarium and watch the fishes. If any fishes are feeling sick would isolate them and keep them in separate tanks. If needed would add antibiotics to the tank and would change the water also. So till now, am having thriving aquarium with healthy and active fishes.

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