Do you stick to name brand equipment?

  • With all of the various aquarium companies out there, either that are sold locally in your shops, or that can be bought online and shipped overseas - do you stick to more name brands (Aqueon, Tetra, etc.), buy off-brands that may have a relation to a name brand (Aqua Culture to Tetra, some Top Fin canister filters to Eheim), or do you by completely off brand equipment (SunSun for example)?

  • I used to stick to name brand equipment, but I honestly find that some off brand equipment can be almost the same quality while being like over half the cost (and even if it breaks after a few years I still save since it’s half the cost or less).

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  • When it comes to critical equipment (chillers, core heaters, backup filters) I tend to use name brand equipment with a solid warranty. Otherwise not well known brands work out perfectly since you can get some legit equipment for cheap while also getting some quality aspects (similar to how some name brands do have a knock off brand but it's legit the same equipment with a different manual and coloration).