Best place to buy lighting?

  • While cleaning I lost grip and my lighting fell to the floor and now it no longer works. I was going to buy a replacement light off of Amazon like I did last time but now I'm wondering if there might be a better place for me to buy one. They seem so overpriced at Petco and Petsmart. Any recommendations?

  • I’ve always tend to buy them on Amazon, since you can get killer deals without the markup that some stores have to place. The only time I’ve ever gotten a light in a store was due to them having a combo deal on getting a tank and another piece of equipment, or with a coupon from the manufacturer I was able to score some $$ off.

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  • I’d agree with Gilbert in this case. It really depends on what type of light you want to get, since some aren’t sold in stores and only are from the manufacturer.

    Other times it might be ideal to buy from a store if they have coupons, deals, membership discounts (like Petsmart does with their app and the game that gives you 5-20% off coupons).

  • I’ve found Amazon to be extremely cheap due to not having stocking issues like local stores do. Otherwise checking out those stores that are resell stores might be able to save some $$

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