Using a breeding box for livebearers

  • With all of the stress and other elements, do you use a breeding box for when your livebearers are ready to pop? Or do you place them into a different tank? What do you personal do and what do try to avoid?

  • I try to not recommend adding a breeder box or separating into a different tank, since it can add some additional stress especially due to the fact that many of the breeder boxes are small and kind of restrict their movement in the tank. Additionally, many livebearers eat their own fry without realizing as they have no parental aspects (unlike cichlids, for example) for their fry.

    An ideal case is to just add many of hiding spots where the adult fish cannot get towards (having some type of bigger next near the bottom, adding additional plants that are thick to provide them with shelter and cover, etc.).

  • Hello everyone, viviparous are able to give birth in any conditions and in any aquarium, even in a three-liter jar

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  • Yeah I don’t personally recommend them either, if needed, just have a bunch of decorations or plants in order to let the fry hide during the night and pull the adults out once you are certain all of the fry have been released.

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