How hard was it to get your fish to eat commercial food vs. live food

  • I’ve seen a ton online and it seems almost impossible for a majority of the fish to switch from live food to some type of commercial food. If you were able to make the switch in order to get them to eat commercial food instead, how did you do it and what type of food did you use? Are some saltwater fish easier to switch food types or are they all as equally hard?

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  • If they fish is bred inside of an aquarium, it is by far easier to get them to be able to eat commercial food right away since that is all they are used to. However, many saltwater fish are wild kept (and don’t reproduce at all in an aquarium) so it can be next to impossible to get them to shift from live food to commercial food. Maybe people try to slowly wrap them around (add commercial food inside of the live food) and make the live amount smaller and smaller over time.

    Eventually, this will lead to them possibly switching to commercial food fully as they get used to the texture and taste.

  • I can't say that it was difficult at all for me to get them to eat commercial food as they were given that before I got them, and I just carried on with it. I guess if I were to breed my fish they would also to be brought up on commercial food as that is what I would be using so they would just naturally be used to that.

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