What types of food do you feed your fish?

  • What type of food do you feed your fish? 2

    1. Flakes (2) 100%
    2. Pellets (2) 100%
    3. Wafers (1) 50%
    4. Live (Frozen or Alive) (0) 0%
    5. Other (1) 50%

    With all the types of foods out there, which ones you do you feed your fish and why?

  • I’d so mostly flakes, along with wafers once a week for the bottom feeders (or for the fish who like algae).

    Pellets are good too but I’ve seen too many fish who overeat them before they expand, or if the pellets are too big, get them stuck in their jaw or mouth.

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  • With the fish we have had in the past and the ones I have had in the past, we have usually fed them flakes or pellets. The ones inside were fed flakes and they seemed happy with those but the ones we used to have outside in the pond, we used to feed them pellets.

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