What's the next fish you're getting?

  • On the next trip to either the local fish store, or if purchasing online from a known breeder/seller, what is the list of the fish you are getting next for your tank?

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  • I have no specific plans right now—but if I find something cool on sale during Black Friday, that’s what I am getting.

  • I'm not getting any at the moment but I think I would want a large fish that has some color. It doesn't have to necessarily be very active or crazy like some fish can be. I enjoy watching them swim around of course but it doesn't have to be spastic. (I'm looking at you Mr. Goldfish who wobbles around the tank).

  • I haven't had any fish in a while just to life being a little crazy and me not having the time to really put into looking after fish like I used to. I feel that if I did ever get the time again to be able to dedicate to taking care and having fish, I would probably end up going for goldfish again to start and working my way up that way on the decision of what to get next.

  • If I were to get fish, I suppose I'd try some tropical variety/varieties. Well, as I said in an earlier post, the cost wouldn't be light. I know that it would be a while before I could afford this plan.

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