Who takes care of your tank when your gone

  • I always just leave my parents or someone that I know to take care of feeding my fish when I’m gone for vacations. Who takes care of your tank when you take a vacation?

  • Dependent on how long I’m gone, I’ll try to use some type of automatic feeder or have a neighbor or a family friend come by in order to feed the fish and my turtle. I’ve never really been gone more than 2 weeks so the automatic feeding device works a vast majority of the time.

  • I share my room with another room mate and we take care of the tank while I am gone or she is gone. So we choose to take care of the tank in the absence of each other. And it works out for us in that case. I also want to find out if there are automatic feeders and light management as well.

  • I always trust someone that I know can take care of them, or I leave a note on how much good exactly to give them if I’m gone for more than a week.

  • This year it's fair to say they have had my care all year lol.

    But when we do go away it's normally a family member that has a spare key to come over and feed fish and cats.

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