Fish Doctor?

  • There are veterinarians for other types of pets, but has anyone heard of a fish doctor? I'm curious who you go to besides the pet store for help when your pet is not looking so great or has a disease?

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    This is actually a good question, since many doctors exist for reptiles for example and other semi-aquatic animals (or even fully aquatic animals), but there aren’t vets that just specialize in fish for example. In many cases, some vets will take fish in (think of those goldfish or koi that live more than 10 years).

    As far as actual locations and names of those vets, it might just be best to call into various semi-aquatic vets and see if they will handle aquatic species (and then mention fish and the fish species). However, a vast majority of research and help can be found online in communities like ours, and surgery is extremely rare with fish due to their high sensitivity and the possibly price tag with any surgery on any animal.

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  • Most people have fish tanks as ornamental pieces and do not really know how to to care for it. But for the true enthusiast, there is help on the internet. Fish veterinarians are offering help from remote places. It is still an area with a lot of scope for study and research.

  • Fishes are considered as disposable pets, hence Vet's don't practice and provide solutions for them. But in case of exotic fishes and expensive fishes which have larger life span, few vets help in maintaining them. Mostly aqua cultural farm employee these specialist, they help in breeding and maintaining these fishes. But I would suggest you to stick with informational forum such as this and your aquarium specialist to take care of you fish instead of depending on a vet which is an very expensive option to me.

  • Fish doctors have a tough job as it is difficult to examine them, especially the smaller varieties. They are treating these fishes by studying their behavior and food habits.

  • This is something I always wondered about as you always see many other animals going to the vet but you never see fish going to the vet.

    Most of the time I find that unless your local pet store can help you with issues that you may have with your fish then the next step would be the internet. I myself have found a lot of good information on the internet when it's come to my fish's health.

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