What size was your first saltwater tank?

  • Since it's always better to go bigger when it comes to aquariums and getting used to their specific water parameters (especially adjusting from freshwater to saltwater with the added mix of having to balance out salt ratios compared to water), what was the first size saltwater tank you started with? Did you have any difficulties with that given size, or did it let you learn saltwater easier/harder than you would have expected?

  • If I remember rightly the first one, I went for was a 29 Gallon one. I didn't want to go too big when I was starting off if I am honest, but I also didn't want to go too small either because I wanted to add things in like aquatic plants and other decorations that would help the fish feel at home and safe. I found the 29 gallon one was perfect for me for starting out and was glad I went for the size I did and not any bigger for a start out.

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