Do you stick with name brands or local brands?

  • When you go out to purchase your food for your tanks, do you tend to stick to name brands or those brands that are local (if they sell any). I’ve seen a bunch of shops have their own food brand, or even have a container that you can scoop out of and pay based on the weight taken.

  • Local brands are fine. Unless your fish NEED a specific food, it's okay to buy a local or generic type because it's just food. It's not like dog food that could have added fillers.

  • I have always bought any food that I used for my fish locally. Where I live, we have a shop that does fish food, and they are a local business and a small business and I used to use those when I was getting fish food because it was at a budget I could afford, and it was good food. The only time I would consider going with branded food is if that was the only food my fish could have because of a specific diet they needed. Luckily the fish I had at the time were able to eat the food I was getting so I could always buy locally without issue.

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