What diseases do you always seem to run into?

  • Since there are an almost endless amount of different types of diseases, what are some of the most common ones that you tend to see and/or are common caught having to treat and deal with?

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  • I would say that the number one disease that I tend to see in other fish tanks (the stores, friends, or even those in groups) is Ich. Without a doubt it seems to be the most common, followed up by popeye for some odd reason.

  • The very first time my fresh water fish suffered from Velvet, it was a very horrible experience for me because it almost wiped out my fishes. I would never like to experience that again.

  • Now after having a good experience in aquarium, i don't run into diseases now. But during my early days would often get white spots, fungal infections and fin rot. Now am free from these headaches. You can easily avoid these diseases by keeping a separate fish tank where you will put new fishes that you buy from the aquarium and observe them for a week before introducing them into your main tank.

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