Do you source all of your fish from the same shop?

  • Do you always buy all of your fish from the same store (since you know their quality levels, care levels, and know that the water isn't dirty/bad), or do you just buy fish wherever they have a good deal on the given species you are looking to get?

  • I did start out buying my fish from just one store but unfortunately it got to the point where I was getting fish and they were dying without me even knowing the reason behind it. No matter what I did I would lose fish somehow and I felt like it was something I was doing but I feel either the place I was getting them from wasn't telling me that there was something wrong or they just didn't know. I have now started looking around at other places and will probably try other places now for fish that I have heard are really good and that friends have recommended.

  • Asphyx1a's Contribution:

    In my opinion, sourcing all fish from a single store can have its advantages in terms of familiarity with their care practices and water conditions. However, from a disease prevention perspective, obtaining fish from multiple stores that have been vetted to ensure healthy stock and proper tank conditions might be a more prudent approach. This way, one can access a broader range of species and potentially higher quality specimens. Additionally, diversifying sourcing locations decreases the risk of inadvertently introducing diseases or compromised specimens into an existing aquarium ecosystem. It's essential to strike a balance between convenience and risk management when deciding where to procure fish for your aquatic hobby.

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