Outside of normal aquarium decorations, what else do you have inside of your tank?

  • Since there are a ton of items that are normally labeled as being aquatic/fish safe for aquarium usage, what are some of the items that you have in your tank that didn't come from a fish store or that you have made fish safe? Some examples of items that I've seen include people siliconing hot wheels cars, legos, or other things that normally aren't fish safe but are made fish safe in their usage.

  • As an aquarium enthusiast, I believe that the equipment used in our tanks plays a critical role in ensuring the overall health and well-being of our aquatic pets. While the standard decorations such as rocks, plants, and driftwoods are already commonplace, there are still plenty of other aquarium equipment that can be beneficial for the tank and its inhabitants.

    For example, I personally use a protein skimmer in my reef tank as it helps to remove excess organic matter that could otherwise compromise the water quality. I also have a UV sterilizer installed, which has helped to keep the water clear and reduce the prevalence of harmful bacteria and parasites.

    Other equipment that can be used in an aquarium includes powerheads, heaters, chillers, filters, and wave makers. These tools can help to create a more natural and healthy environment for freshwater or saltwater species.

    In addition, there are various tools that are essential for maintenance, such as glass scrapers, algae scrubbers, testing kits, and water pumps. These items can aid in keeping the tank clean and balanced, which ultimately leads to healthier and happier aquatic life.

    What about you? What type of equipment do you currently use in your aquarium, and why? Share your comments below, and let's continue to learn and grow together as aquarium enthusiasts.

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