What is a good beginner plant?

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    Some highly good beginner plants that take in low light (and need really nothing) include; Java fern, Java Moss, Anacharis, Water Wisteria, Anubias, Marino Moss Balls, Hornwort, and lastly Guppy Grass.

  • Anubias. Anubias, one of the simplest plants for newcomers, is robust and easy to grow. Rather than being rooted, this plant is usually secured to rocks or driftwood.

  • Moss balls are very low maintenance in my opinion. They help create oxygen and also add helpful bacteria.

  • Java Moss is a very low maintenance plant for beginners and one that is very easy to keep. It doesn't take a lot of time and it's perfect if you are new to keeping plants as a startup as you work your way to maybe keeping others that are not as easy as this. Java Moss is one I know a lot of my friends first started out with and they found it really easy as beginners and slowly built themselves up to bringing more into their tank as and when they felt ready.

  • Amazon swords are also a great plant for beginners, these are beautiful and long bright leaves which creates a fantastic background. Plus its easy to maintain and does not require much cost.

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