What is your favorite schooling fish?

  • Hello, everyone! Which schooling fish is your favorite? I'm having trouble deciding what to get!

    please feel free and tell us in the comments.

  • My personal favorite schooling fish are Neon Tetra. In large numbers they just look like a bunch of shiny fish moving all at once and their metallic like coloration makes them pop even more.

  • Tiger barbs are some of my favorite schooling fish. There is another breed of fish that I can't remember the name offhand and I can't even remember if they're in the schooling category. Tiger barbs are really cool and you have to remember to get them in groups of 5 or 6 so that they can hang out together. They can be a little aggressive so that's something to watch out for unfortunately.

  • For freshwater fish, I would say fancy guppies. I love the rare colorations they can come in but they are hard to find. I had a few that had neon green with bright orange, they were stunning.

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