Rainwater for aquarium water?

  • I think it really depends in your area, since there are some pros and cons to highlight - along with the key aspect that same laws in some areas d prevent anyone from collecting any type of rain water for any usage (so check your local laws to verify if you can do this).


    1) It's free water that you know won't have chlorine or any hard water deposits.

    2) You can store it pretty easily without having to worry too much about needing to add any types of chemicals to balance things out with.

    3) It would be the same water that is in your region, specifically in lakes/ponds around you - which is ideal for outside tanks or ponds.


    1) Acid rain/water - if you live in a heavily polluted area, you water actually is pretty acidic and can be harmful (even to even slowly burn paint off of a car over time).

    2) Having a way to collect it without allowing for bugs and algae to form over time.

  • I would avoid this due to what Avery said, a lot of rainwater has acid in it due to the pollution from everyday life (vehicles, buildings, things burning, etc.). So it’s not so much of a good idea unless you live somewhere that the cost of water is extremely high or hard to get clean water.

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  • Aquariu.ms September 23, 2021 at 3:00 PM

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  • Where I live, we have very soft rainwater. So soft that if you collect it and run it into your hands, it feels as if you put lotion on. One of the perks of living far enough from a city an in an area surrounded by parks.

    Not all fish do well in soft water though. I would test it before using it in a tank.

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