In freshwater aquariums, can too much light produce algae?

  • Freshwater enthusiasts are frequently concerned that adding a strong light to their aquarium would result in an overwhelming algal outbreak. Algae are a common sight in aquariums. Excessive algae development is produced by extra nutrients in the aquarium water, not by intense light alone.

    Can too much light cause algae in freshwater aquariums?

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    Of course yes, too much sunlight in long duration will always cause a lot algae to start growing in your aquarium especially if if nitrates and phosphate are found in good quantities in your pond. Depending on how intense it is, the water might turn green.

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  • 8 hours of light is a good length of time for your tank. You also want to remember to let your fish sleep!

    There are some LED lights that let you make the light duller and that can help prevent algae growth, so check that out?

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