My fishes are restless

  • I have been observing my fishes for 5 days now and I could vehemently come to the conclusion that they all appeared restless and tired. What could normally cause that because I know they I feed them properly.

  • Can you expand out what you mean by tired by chance? Are they staying in the same spot? Fighting to stay in the same spot by chance? Or anything else?

    Is the water current blowing them around the tank? If so, you may need to reduce the flow/current your filters are outputting.

  • What I feel is it might be due to the collection of fishes in your tank. If you have any carnivorous fishes or dominating fishes in you tank would cause other fishes to panic. Would advise you to keep any carnivorous or dominating fishes in separate tank if possible and to install small coral reefs or structures that would help the fishes to hide and rest. It would also make your fishes playful and vibrant.

  • This sounds like stress that your fish are going through and this can happen due to either high ammonia, high nitrate levels, and also high or low PH levels.

    Diseases could also be a main factor in them being stressed as well. You need to take a look at how they are acting and see if you can spot anything that may indicate disease, if there is nothing it may just be the tank environment.

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