My fishes aren't growing well?

  • I feel that my fishes are suffering from stunted growth. They should have grown at least 4 inches by now but they are still barely 2.5 inches. The fish I'm talking about is Clown Plecos.

    What could be the problem?

  • Do you know what you are feeding them? What is the water temperature that they are within?

    Additionally, do you notice any other signs that they may be showing? Staying in one area completely, hiding away, not so colorful/dull colors, or possibly are they not eating as much as they used to (or compared to other species of theirs in other tanks)?

  • Besides what Avery said, how big is your tank? If you keep them in a smaller tank, they probably won't grow as large. I know it sounds weird, but having them in the right size tank will allow them to grow to the full capacity.

    Plus, how long have you had them?

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